1. Treatment for eyelashes extension is difficult to maintain? Myth. The fact is eyelashes extension can be done by anyone without any special treatment needed. After the application process is finished, we will be informed on how to wash and clean up the face area around eyes, along with the method to comb your extended eyelashes in order to keep them neat and durable.

2. Eyelashes extensions can caused the original eyelashes to fall out? Myth. The fact is along with the right and good application technique, the original eyelashes won’t fall out and will remain growing normally as eyelashes growth cycle.

3. Eyelashes extensions process is uncomfortable? Myth. The fact is eyelashes extensions application will feels very comfortable, even can make you fall asleep with the relaxing music being played by our staff, so it can calm your mind down.

4. Wearing eyelashes extensions will disturb your sport activities? Myth. The fact is when we using eyelashes extension, you’ll free to do any sport activity you wanted to, including aquatic sports.

5. Pregnant women shouldn’t apply eyelashes extension? Myth. The fact is eyelashs extension application can be done by anyone, including those who has sensitive areas around their eyes. Because of eyelashes extension application in Lashtique won’t stick onto the skin area around eyes and we also applied the eyelashes with space 2mm from skin area around eyes which make it very safe for anyone.

Lashtique has a special installation technique. We are very concerned about the eyelash growth cycle, so you don’t need to worry. For additional information, the normal growth cycle of our lashes requires 3-5 pieces to fall out which we do not realize.

During the procedure, you will feel comfortable. You just need to rest. Lashtique employs premium products from South Korea. All of them are top quality materials and the most secure ones. They can maintain the health of your eyelashes.

Our operation hours are subject to the mall schedule. We are open from 10 am-10pm every day.

To retouch we see first how much the rest of the extension are still there when you visit lashtique. There should be 30% extension remaining.

For the time being we apologize that we cannot help you due to the differences in technique, materials and products. We always maintain our quality results by using products that we have tested and we believe that eyelashes extension is safe and convenient, besides in lashtique we have certain standards for the finished product and we are responsible for it.

The first 2 days it is recommended the lashes not to get wet so that the glue holds together. In addition, you should avoid using water proof mascara because it may agglomerate and avoid rubbing your eyes (you may rub gently), and comb with a brush to maintain good extension position.

After 2 days, you can have your usual activities like taking a bath or doing outside activities.

You may swim, but we recommend that you use goggles. A contact with the water for a long time however can accelerate the extension period.

When you have extension, you can use eyeliner to emphasize the eyes. However you should clean it slowly and use a cotton bud for cleaning make-up in that area.

Lash gold coating, use it 30 minutes before doing any moist activity. It can help maintaining the moisture and durability of the glue. Also, collagen mascara can serve to nourish the roots of the original eyelash and help accelerate the growth of new ones.